Imagine a life where you can ...


  • Have spaciousness in your days and weeks to enjoy life instead of react to it

  • Enjoy nourishing meals and be fully present with the people who matter most in your life

  • Have spontaneous lunch dates with a girlfriend and not have to rush

  • Enjoy mid-day yoga, an impromptu hike on a gorgeous day, or a walk in the park with a stop for a chai latte


Life doesn’t have to be a series of pressing the snooze button every morning and dreading the day ahead. It doesn’t have to be a fight for space on the morning commute or time wasted in rush hour. It’s not working until midnight only to wake up and do it again and again and again. It’s not about fighting with your partner day in and day out because you’re both feeling neglected and time-starved, and both craving a deeper connection. It’s not about skipping a friend’s birthday so you can cram in some more hours at work. And it’s not about grabbing a burger and fries because you have no time to cook.

It’s about connecting with your deepest desires, pleasures, and truths so that you can fully feel alive. So that you can deepen your connection (to yourself and others) and naturally live a happy, whole life.


It’s about letting desire drive your do.
Let me show you how to find what you desire and bring it to life.

In Let Desire Drive Your Do, I give you the tools, support, accountability, and community you need to make this happen.

I teach you how to Live Free, Enjoy, & EMBODY a life of happiness and engagement, all through a lens of pleasure and ease.

I provide you with your very own roadmap to living a life aligned with your core desires, and the process and actions you need to take to make it a reality.

This program is an online group coaching program that is delivered virtually over the course of 5 weeks.

I am so grateful that I took a risk and pushed myself to grow! Ashley provided a warm, safe and kind environment to share, explore and learn.

A year later, and The Desire Map experience continues to resonate and have a significant impact on my life. I now have a clear and meaningful compass for how I make decisions, both in my personal life and my business.

- Allana Taranto, Photographer





:: Let Desire Drive Your Do, 5 Week Program Includes ::

Pre- Module
Research proven ways to stay connected to your overall vision and desires so that no matter what the circumstances are, you can stay the course.

5 Weeks of Course Content
Each module will include a variety of audio, video, worksheets, and inspirational “how-to” rituals. And the 5 weeks will follow the same five steps we covered today: Decode, Discover, Declare, Dream.Plan.Wrap. (OK, I know that’s only four, but remember, Discover spans 2 weeks.)

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Ashley
Each week will will gather on a group coaching call to laser in on where you may be getting stuck.  I’ll help you move through blocks, we’ll celebrate, and we’ll create a space to share, hear, and be heard.

Private Facebook Group + Tribe
Feel heard, supported, and inspired.  This process becomes richer when we are in it together.

Post- Module
Pull it all together, walk away with a soul-centered strategy to live into this new way of being, daily.

Lifetime Membership
For as long as I run this program, you have access to the content!


:: It also includes ... ::  

And because I love to give (and give valuable tools I know you can and will use), I’m also including:

Transformational Breathwork - learn three key signature styles of breathwork to relax, awaken, and shift our mental state and body!  
Sensual Yoga - a routine that will light up your chakras, activate your sensuality, and turn on your creative genius!  


:: Early Bird Bonuses! ::  

And when you act fast, you’ll score even more ...


For the first 5 women who enroll,

1:1 Coaching  -  You’ll get a private 1:1 coaching session with me. During this 50 minute session, you will dive deeper, create a more detailed approach for living out your desires, or work on whatever is present for you in the moment.


For the first 10 women who enroll,

Love Thyself, Whole Food {detox} Protocol - Receive my signature program and learn to eat what makes you feel good.

Guest Expert Interview - Learn an embodied approach to move through fears & emotional blocks.

Snail Mail! - Get your very own Desire Map workbook, A Truth Bomb Deck AND a Gratitude Journal.


- OR -


When do we start?

We officially begin on April 19th with Module 1 opening Saturday, April 16th, however as of April 12th you will have instant access to the 3-part mini-jump start course!


When will the weekly content be sent?

The content for the week ahead will be released every Saturday, starting April 16th.  The content is downloadable and the videos are mobile responsive.  So you can take it wherever you are!


When will the weekly coaching take place?

LIVE group coaching calls will take place on Tuesday at 1pm and 6pm EST (alternating weeks),  the calls will be recorded and made available 48hrs later.  If you cannot make a call, you can submit a Q before hand!


Your Investment:

If I were to sell each piece of this program separately, without the bonuses, it would total $2,650. And with the bonuses, it would cost $3,500.

Now, I completely believe in the value of this work and believe in charging for it. But I also know that not everyone can afford $3,500.

That’s why I’m offering it to you, bonuses included, for only $397.


Now, I want you to close your eyes and really think about what it’s costing you to continue living the way you are. What is it costing you to not do this program?

This program is designed to help you take action and truly find happiness. It’s broken down into manageable steps and limited to an intimate group of only 20 women so that each can be heard, supported, and shepherded on this journey.

And it’s led personally by me--a transformational coach and wellness expert, who combines my training in neuro-linguistic programming, integrative nutrition, breathwork, and habit change to help you let go of old patterns and beliefs and step into your core truths and desires with ease.

More importantly, I live this and have journeyed from a place of darkness through the ups and downs, to where I am now. I like to think of myself as a bit woo-woo, with a whole lot of practical realness. I get what the real world looks like, I get what working a soul-sucking career looks like, and I get what real fear feels like.

If you are a driven, motivated woman who truly craves the magical balance of enjoying life and achieving goals within a new paradigm, then this is for you.  

And I invite you to fully discover your desires - to put yourself AND your pleasure first.  

Questions?  Email me personally -


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