Let Desire Drive Your Do - Part II

As Danielle LaPorte says ... what we're all chasing is a FEELING. 

In every goal we set ...

commitment we say yes to ...

and action we take, we're hoping it will bring us closer to a certain feeling.

But what is that feeling, do we know? 

Or are we just guessing and following suit of everyone else ... doing what they do, hoping that it will bring us to feeling ... good? 

When we know what that feeling is, are there other ways or paths to achieving that feeling? (spoiler alert - yes!).

In today's video - the main action is to explore how you want to feel.  It's a radical act!  Most women can tell me how they don't want to feel, but sincerely struggle naming and claiming how they do want to feel.



Once you have the answer to how you want to feel, take it deeper by asking "and what will having that [feeling] do for me?"  Ask yourself this follow up question a few times to really hit the root.

Here's an example from my own life:  For the past 18 months I've been on a journey to feel more sensually embodied.

What will having that feeling do for me, you ask?

 >>>  It will help me slow (the F) down<<<

What will slowing down do for me?

 >>>  It will help me be more present, more purposeful, more connected, and really help me enjoy myself, others, and life more(instead of struggling, doing more, pushing harder, in hopes of the same outcome)  <<<

What will being more purposeful and enjoying myself, others, and life more do for me?

 >>>  It will allow me to deepen my connection and intimacy with my husband. 
It will help me feel more comfortable, confident, and free in my own body and being<<<

And what will having that allow for?

 >>>  Enjoyment!
            Peace and ease
connection to inner power + empowerment
and an unshakable sense of self acceptance, self love, and radiance <<<


So you could ask ... am I after the feeling of sensual embodiment or am I after the feeling of self-love and enjoyment? 

This question sequence helps you see what you are truly after at the core (i.e. for me: self-love and enjoyment of self and others) - and shows you the path or 'the how' to it for you, at this moment (i.e. for me: sensual embodiment practices).

Let me know what comes up for you in this exercise.