Let Desire Drive Your Do - Part III

In this week's video, we're paving the way to desire.  Now living from a place where you let your desire drive your do requires a great amount of "space".  

Mental space ... physical space ... emotional space ...

Why?  Well imagine for a second a version of you, or someone like you, who is constantly frantic.  Over scheduled.  Over committed. And flat out.  She is reacting versus creating.  She's deeply lacking space - space to feel, to think, to process, to be, to clear, to re-ground and re-launch.

Creating space can feel difficult, because it often means letting things go.  But I've found that the most powerful act {towards discovering and living from your desire} we can take is to make space.

To let your desire drive your do - set yourself up for the journey by making space and saying no.  Watch video 3 of 3 to learn more about making space and take action.


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