Fall Focus - You. Me. and Fall 2016

As the summer break is coming to an end and we start to welcome in Fall, I thought I'd say hello, and tell you what I've got in store for Fall 2016!  

Wooo Wooo!!

What about you? What do you have in store for yourself this Fall?
What do you want to create?

+ Maybe it's a deeper connection to your self + your Sensuality 
+ Maybe you want to discover your Core Desires
+ Maybe it's about Re-inventing yourself (large or small) 
+ Or tapping into your Shakti, the feminine power + essence that lives in all of us
+ Or cultivating what Self-Love means for You

Enter You. Me. and Fall 2016 ::

Here's what I've got in store for you, I'm focusing on 3 main areas and I invite you to join me in any or all 3. 

1.  I'll be leading my signature group program here in Boston

2.  Working with clients in 1:1 coaching programs (over phone or skype - you can be anywhere!)

3.  Moving my body in a feminine, primal way via BUTI yoga - follow me on IG to see what it's all about.  I'm just starting to post about it!

Beyond working with me directly in any of those 3 ways above, I will also be creating free content in the form of videos, interviews with other amazing women, free courses, and more around the 5 key areas in bold above.

My mission is to help women embody their truth and to turn on pleasure in their body, life, and being.  Imagine a life where you feel whole and a deep sense of fulfillment. Imagine a life where your relationships are rich and nourishing. Imagine a life where you feel fully like yourself, you feel alive and naturally happy. It's about learning to relate to yourself and others in a new way, in a way that feels good.  I'm here to help you feel good!!  For me, it all started with health + wellness, and it's now evolved into something much deeper, richer, and true.

I'll help you experience this depth, this sense of happiness, and fulfillment through my signature group programs, 1:1 coaching, BUTI Yoga Classes, and content such as emails, video, and free trainings that you'll receive.

I'm so glad you're here.

Aren't you! ;)