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Ashley Maina is a master certified Transformational Coach, Sensual Yoga Teacher, and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.  She runs a private practice at and also works for a prominent coaching school as a Success Coach, supporting their graduate students. 

Ashley's mission is to help you reclaim your sensuality and come home to your body and Self, so that you feel fully alive + turned on (to life)!  

Ashley helps women do this through her unique 3-part framework of reclaiming your root, re-wiring outdated beliefs and awakening sensuality.

Ashley believes that this framework offers the antidote to the common ailments we see in women (especially after becoming a mother)  - whether it’s living day to day feeling disconnected and numb, stagnant or passion-less, struggling with how they feel in their own skin, not trusting oneself, feeling drained by others needs, or fearful of your relationship dimming and changing.  

​For when a woman is turned on (to life), everything shifts .. the way she mothers, the way she shows up in relationships, and the way she cares for herself and her needs and desires.  It's a palpable energy that uplifts and attracts and shifts are able to occur. 


This work challenges the status quo and Ashley can't wait to share it with more women!


To learn more about your Sensual Energy take this Free Quiz today!

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