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Hi! I’m Ashley, a Certified Transformational Coach for women and a Sensual Yoga Teacher.  I’m here to guide you back home.

I’m here to help you get your life back.  And not just any life … a life that Feels Good!

A life rooted in the riches of pleasure, sensuality and joy.

Pleasure, sensuality and joy--odd words to hear from a woman who worked in corporate finance, right? The woman I was then would completely agree. Fortunately, I realized that a lifestyle of 80 hour weeks, with me being too tired to pick my head up and too on edge to ever enjoy myself, was not how I wanted to live.

+ My inner fire had been smothered

+ My intimate relationships were crumbling 

+ My happiness and mental state were in shambles 

+ My body was screaming at me through chronic stomach problems

+ And my connection to my heart was closed, locked, and guarded like the iron throne 


And I bet you can relate at some level since you're here.  


Something is simply off - you’re not feeling bad, but you’re not feeling good.  

You know there is something deeper, something richer waiting for you. And you are wise.  Because there is!


In 2010, I took a “timeout,” and though it may have set me back career-path-wise, it saved my life, my relationships, my sanity and happiness. And it was the first time I let my heart open and my desire lead me (instead of the logical, analytical head of mine).


I started looking at new possibilities and shifting my perspective. I started making changes. I started to feel, everything.  And ever since that initial leap into the world of personal growth, every leap I’ve taken since then, where my heart led instead of my head, has proved to be the most successful experience yet. 

Today I stand in a place of ease.  A place where I listen to the whispers that my body signals to me. A place where I say ‘No’ instead of cave and spread myself too thin.  A place where I trust myself and where I let my desires drive me.  And a place of connection and compassion. 

I invite you into the fire!  Let’s get to work. 

In my 1:1 coaching practice, I work with a select number of women.  Coaching is an intimate journey, and an exciting one!  To get started, email me at and tell me what you are looking to experience in our work together.  I will then reply with my calendar link and we will set up an initial coaching session.  

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