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Awaken Your Root

Reclaim your sensuality, creativity, and power in 4 weeks 

Join me for a 4 week immersion into the practice of feminine body movement where we utilize sensual yoga, chanting, kundalini breathing, pelvic awakening, and transformational coaching to reclaim your sensuality, power, and creativity.  

This is for you if you want to feel:

  • Like yourself again

  • Comfortable in your own skin

  • Turned on from the inside + tingly in your pelvic space

  • That feeling of a new relationship yet sourced from yourself

  • Reconnected to your body + Self

  • Grounded and calm amongst the ebbs and flows of life 

  • Free to express yourself

  • Tuned into your creativity and power

Registration is currently closed. 
Take the quiz below to be on the waitlist.

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