Hi! I'm Ashley, a mastery level certified transformational coach and a sensual yoga teacher.  My work has always been rooted in returning women to their core desires and re-patterning outdated beliefs that they carry so that they can experience the freedom to fully be themselves.


As my work evolved - I discovered the power that resides in our pelvic space.  The brain-vagina connection, similar to the gut-brain connection, is scientifically proven, as Naomi Wolf shares in her book, Vagina.  As I discovered this power that we all hold, yet often lies dormant, I have been passionate about teaching sensual yoga as a means to awaken this sleeping energy within - to propel women towards their truth, confidence, and full expression. 


After having two babies, I quickly discovered how potent and powerful this knowledge + these practices are in helping women return to themselves from a place of ease and joy - I see this knowledge, this work, and practices as the antidote to the common ‘ailments’ we see in women (especially after becoming a mother)  - whether it’s living day to day feeling disconnected, numb, stagnant or passion-less, struggling with how they feel in their own skin, not trusting oneself, feeling drained by others needs, or fearful of your relationship dimming and changing.  


My mission is to help you come home to your body .... to reclaim your sensuality and Self, so that you feel fully alive + turned on (to life).  A place where you trust yourself, claim your needs + boundaries, and feel passion, creativity, + purpose once again.

It's now my pleasure to be able to offer this life-changing work: a mix of healing + reclaiming + personal growth, to you. 

In my 1:1 coaching practice, I work with a select number of women who are dream clients, as I also work for Health Coach Institute as a transformational coach for their graduate coach training programs.  To get started apply here 


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