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This Changed Everything

Two years ago I was in the last month of a high-level group mentorship coaching program, working with a coach on feminine embodiment. Now you may be thinking, feminine embodiment ... say what? Embodiment is everything ... it's who you're being, how you're showing up ... it's essentially walking your talk. It's official definition is "the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form" For me feminine embodiment is the representation or expression of a women who you're magnetized to. She has that energy, that magic, that essence that makes you want more. You want what she's having, because it looks like she's having a great time! And let me tell you ... I was called to work with this mentor because I myself was pretty sick of walking the talk that screamed the opposite - "push harder, do more, go faster, force, strive, suffer, hurry" I was ready to walk the walk of feminine embodiment ... of enjoying my self more, enjoying my intimate relationships more ... I was ready to walk the walk of enjoying what I did everyday, enjoying my body, being naturally happy and free in my self expression, and letting life unfold with ease.

During the program kickoff, my mentor showed us this TedX from Sheila Kelley

It changed everything for me. It's as if Sheila was speaking for me - saying everything that I had felt but never knew how to express. When my mentor played this video for us, tears tickled down my cheeks. It struck an emotional chord. A deep knowing and grieving for years of being disconnected from this feminine nature.

Since seeing this video, it has continued to inspire me and deepen my journey into awakening my own feminine body movement, my own feminine nature, and my own erotic creature as Sheila calls it. The shifts that I've experienced as I've awakened my feminine nature and journeyed through my own blocks with my own coach have been life changing. My ++ relationships went from constant fighting to enjoyment, connection, and playfulness ++ anxiety went from existing in my life to BUH BYE ++ happiness went from on and off to a deep sense of natural happiness ++ creativity went from blocked to flowing ++ trusting in myself went from rocky to solid The tools and strategies, including the feminine body movement, that have helped me so much - I now infuse into everything I do with clients - from my group programs to 1:1 coaching and beyond. If you'd like to experience this, I invite you to explore working with me 1:1 by emailing me at to set up an initial consultation. To embodying your version of feminine, Ashley

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