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Your Vagina Holds The Key

Would you believe me if I told you that your vagina holds the key to living a prosperous life? Pleasure, and not just sexual pleasure, is the access point to your life force itself ... meaning your assertiveness decisiveness power confidence creativity energy motivation intuition ... the behaviors that most women, myself included, feel are missing throughout various times of their life. It may sound radical - that your vagina holds the key to living a prosperous life, but science proves how powerfully the vagina affects female consciousness. There is a brain-vagina connection (similar to how science has shown a gut-brain connection and a heart-brain connection). I first discovered this while reading Naomi Wolf's book - Vagina. The book is fascinating, I refer back to it often as a guidebook, reminding myself that ::

- The vagina is a mediator for positive female mind states - When women learn and take ownership of their right to have pleasure - dopamine is boosted in her brain, and it makes her more energetic, creative, assertive - in ways that affect all areas of their life. - Pleasure centers in the brain can only trigger orgasm if fear and anxiety are minimized or turned off. When we can drop into a place of pleasure, it's the antidote to fear and anxiety. (bullet points are either paraphrased or transcribed from Naomi Wolf's Book - Vagina) Through my work as a Sensual Yoga Teacher and Certified Transformational Coach, my mission is to help you understand how to activate this life force for yourself through simple and practical feminine body movement practices (think tantric breath work, sensual yoga, and more) so that you too can tap into this source of power + ultimately your happiness.

So as you settle into your day or night ahead ... ask yourself this question to start - what simple action can I take (or stop taking) to bring more pleasure into my life? Maybe it's as simple as a few hip circles in your kitchen ;-)

To understanding the power of Turning Yourself On, Ashley

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