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How to reclaim playfulness this summer through embodying a new Archetype within yourself

I recently celebrated the Summer Solstice at the Temple of Remembrance - hosted by Sarah Jenks in Medfield, MA. It was a night of magic and playfulness, community and connection, and remembering that there is another channel outside of being stuck in the seriousness of life.

She greeted us with a sense of whimsy and play - stepping into a different character and bringing us into a place of imagination. While anger, rage, grief, sadness and the like are usually blocking play and joy, this gathering and this state of whimsy reminded me that sometimes simply stepping into play *first*, can pave the way and give you the internal resourcing to then feel the anger later - it's as though play helps you step outside of the dominant channel and back into Self energy ( a concept from Internal Family Systems), which then gives you the "boost" to move through what has been so stuck.

So let's play!

Imagine for a moment, a state of being that you'd like to embody - perhaps it's being turned on, alive and sensual! Or perhaps it's confident and connected to your sexuality.

Next, imagine someone else you know in life - perhaps a mentor, a celebrity, anyone! What do they believe about themselves that helps them feel so sensual and alive [or insert whatever you want to embody]?

What do they believe about life and other people?

Lastly, for 1 minute a day ... step into this person.

How do they stand?

How do they look?

What are they wearing?

How do they move and communicate with their body?

After embodying this person or Archetype, notice what shifts.

Notice if it was easy or difficult?

Notice what stops you from embodying more of who you want to be more often?

So often judgement and protection of ourselves stops us from opening up to being playful - as if being serious is the only way to be in this world.

This summer carve out space to be outside, to dance, to step into a new archetype and really feel what that is like. Enjoy!

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