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Pleasure - it's not what you think

When you hear the word 'Pleasure' - what thoughts & feelings come up for you?

Perhaps thoughts like ...

I don't have time

Must be nice to live in pleasure

Or feelings such as ...



moving away from

Would you like to believe something different about pleasure?

Perhaps that ...

Pleasure is powerful

Pleasure IS productive

Pleasure is natural

Pleasure is freeing

If you'd like these thoughts and beliefs about pleasure to be your reality, then you're going to love what I have below.

The practice of pleasure is found through working with the barriers in place.

What are your barriers? Do you know them?

My free quiz will help you gain awareness into your barriers {take it here}.

Once you know your barriers you're then able to honor them, meet them, and work through them so that pleasure becomes available and accessible to you.

After you take the quiz, hop on over to my free FB group {join us here} where you can try the somatic "Sound it OUT" practice to loosen some energy.

You have a choice, to stay stuck behind the barriers or to meet them and see life through a new window.



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