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Sensual Yoga for Boudoir Photography

On a chilly winter walk ... a good friend, fellow Boston based business woman, and amazing Boudoir Photographer - Allana Taranto of Modern Muse asked if I could help create a few sensual yoga flows for her client's to prepare for their upcoming shoot.

I was delighted!

I want so much for other women to feel and meet their sensual selves. It's one thing to do a boudoir shoot and just go through the motions of it, it's another thing to be IN it ... in your body, in the enjoyment of it, in the mystery of the experience.

These three different sensual yoga flows are a co-creation, as Allana wanted lower back, chest openers, and hip openers for her clients and I infused some sensual yoga into these three flows to help woman awaken their sensuality from within.

I hope you enjoy these mini flows whether you are embarking on a boudoir shoot or simply want to tap into to your sensual side.

Lower Back Sensual Flow:


Cat-cow for that arched back.

Spinal undulations

Let Cat-cow become spinal undulations

Open Sesame

Then roll onto your back, bring your legs together reaching towards the ceiling,

open them into a V, bring them back and flutter kick, then twist to one side -

repeat, repeat, repeat! This one makes you feel so sexy!

Chest Opener Sensual Flow:

Baby Cobra

Start with baby cobra, gaze up and open your throat and chest

Full Cobra

Push up into full cobra and begin to gaze over your left shoulder while bending

your left foot up, then gaze over your right shoulder and bend your right foot up

Dynamic Movement

Push back to sit on your knees and bring your arms to goal post arms, inhale open

arms, exhale round spin and bring arms together

Hip Opener Sensual Flow:


From sitting on your knees, shoulder width apart, begin to thrust your hips



With hips off heels, rock your pelvis forward and back


With hips off heels, circle your hips slowly and enjoy

Take this further!

Practice this exact sequence in my free 20

minute Sensual Yoga for Boudoir video: Get it here

You can also view this video in my Turn Yourself On FB group.

If you're new to Allana's work, you don't want to miss it - check her group out here

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