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What is Sensuality and why should you care? Part 1.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Sensuality is often misunderstood.

It can be associated with overt, unwanted sexuality or some sketchy store selling sensual products... non of which I am talking about here.

So what is it and why should you care?

Sensuality is the depth and richness brought to any experience. The ability to experience pleasure.

Sensuality is the missing link; it’s the more that you’re yearning to feel.

Do you want to live a life where you feel ALIVE ... or do you want to sit on the sidelines, observing?

Sensuality is the presence of aliveness and enjoyment in yourself.

Take that in!

For someone who had been at war with herself for years- that notion alone felt like a radical act, maybe you can relate?

So, why should you care? Because it makes life richer, with more joy, pleasure, + ease!

It’s the component of what brings depth to sex and sexuality, yet it’s not sex nor sexuality. Sensuality is how you feel and experience yourself, not necessarily - or not just - sexually.

It’s a way of being. A slowing down with purpose.

So does one need the other? Does sex need sensuality? Does mothering and everyday life need sensuality?

I believe so ... but I'm now biased.

I’ve experienced what life, work, sex, eating, mothering, and living is like while being connected to my sensuality. And I’ve experienced what it’s like to not be.

When you're not ... there is an underlying yearning for something more.

That yearning plays out in various ways: over-doing/committing/giving, over-working, over-working out, over-eating, the "hyper" of anything.

Where you feel endlessly drained.

When you are alive and awake to your sensations and the pleasure of things, you feel more complete, whole, and at ease.

There is no longer the external seeking or yearning for something to fill a void.

Living void of sensuality is like binging on food in hopes that it will make you feel something (where are my fellow emotional eaters at?! I'm a recovered emotional eater and sugar addict - a story for another day) or it’s hoping that someone will read your mind and meet your needs, instead of you deeply knowing and honoring your own needs and wants and speaking them / receiving them with delight.

You can have this too - where you are full from within and in touch with everyday pleasure.

If this speaks to you, I invite you to join us in our free FB Community - Turn Yourself On to start your journey and discover some helpful resources.

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