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"Ashley helps me tremendously. I love working with her, because she helps me want to enjoy my body again. She knows her stuff. It is a honor to learn from her. Thank you Ashley! You are amazing.


- Kendra Thorpe


"As a natural born skeptic, this isn’t the kind of thing I would normally go in for. But I am so grateful that I took a risk and pushed myself to grow! Ashley provided a warm, safe, and kind environment to share, explore, and learn. I am so glad that I did The Desire Map Workshop with Ashley. A year later, and The Desire Map experience continues to resonate and have a significant impact on my life.  I now have a clear and meaningful compass for how I make decisions, both in my personal life and my business.  I’ve been able to slow down and appreciate what I have.  I encourage any women to dive into this experience

- Allana Taranto, owner of Modern Muse

"I've had more a-ha moments in three sessions with Ashley than I have had in therapy. I feel like I have a path to take. I finally feel like someone understands what it is I'm asking for, why I'm asking for it, and can help me get there."  -Julia, PhD and mother to 3 

"Ashley Maina’s coaching is real and the best discovery of my year. Her approach is straightforward and hassle-free.  Her intellectual powerhouse has brought clarity to all aspects of my life: work, personal relationships, family dynamics, yoga, delicious foods, you name it!  I always feel heard and Ashley has an insightful way of asking poignant, valuable questions. She helped me navigate difficult situations to practical, actual positive outcomes that align with my life’s wishes. I feel light, productive and moving forward in the way my childhood self dreamed of. Thank you!

- Elizabeth Cook, consultant

"Before working with Ashley, I was trying to sort out how to move forward with my life - with Ashley's coaching, I was able to focus my interests into a cohesive plan for exploring and mapping out a new business.  Coaching with Ashley is positive, productive, and creative.  It has been a great process that brings me focus, allows me to set good, achievable goals and build confidence in an area that is new and exciting. I feel like I am prepared to take on this new adventure and will be set up well for success.

From corporate world to business plan

- Maureen

"Before working with Ashley, I was in a rut - with Ashley's coaching, I have definitely shifted towards a positive view of my self and learned how to better do self care with confidence.  Coaching with Ashley is motivating, encouraging, supportive.  Ashley was able to systematically help me work through the insecurities and self doubt that sits so deeply hidden in women of my age. I feel more ready to take on the independent business world with confidence.

From burnt-out contractor to an entrepreneur with a solid plan in the same industry

- Sheila

"Before working with Ashley, I was experiencing a lack of energy, clarity, and direction. Coaching with Ashley is insightful, awakening, and energizing - she's non-judgmental and holds space confidently and calmly for transformation. 


I gained clarity regarding what is holding me back from experiencing my ideal life/self. It provided motivation and tools to enact change.

This experience was really amazing and I wish everyone had an opportunity to do it because it provided space to access where we are vs where we would ideally like to be. I think everyone needs the space and time to have that experience.

Experience of a 1/2 day intensive

- Ali V., Licensed acupuncturist 

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