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Weekly Sensual Yoga at Hawthorn Farm

Sensual Yoga

It's time to Turn Yourself On!

And I have just the trick: Sensual Yoga.

/// Join me and a group of like-minded women every Friday at 10 am as we drop into our bodies, our sensuality, and our creative wisdom.

Event details are on Facebook and also below

When: 10 am, every Friday

Where: Hawthorn Farm Retreat Center (The Moon Lodge) located at 315 North Street, Medfield, MA. (** drive down the driveway until you cannot drive any further - this is The Moon Lodge, it sits on a private property)

Since 2015 I've been immersed in what living a pleasure filled life looks like - and being able to move in a pleasurable way and connect with our deep power - the power that lives within our pelvic space - is a fundamental part of the process.

I look forward to sharing this practice with you and I will see you on Fridays!

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