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Jennifer Penney's wake up call: An interview about how slow is the new strong.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Is it possible to slow down, be sensually attuned & get stronger? Abso-friggin-lutely.

Meet Jennifer Penney. She wants you to stop killing yourself in your workouts -- and connect with your body. In fact, Jennifer has been in the business of killing yourself in fitness classes for 20 years until a self created injury became a wake up call.

Case in point? Her company,, teaches women how to slow down, get stronger, and recover fully from common ailments that women experience after having kids.  

Jennifer is also the creator of a regular workshop series that she leads in her private Facebook group - Stronger Pelvic Floor. These have given women a place to start and begin their own healing journey to a stronger self via slowing down.

"I would have been teaching with my arm falling off" it felt like that's what strength was - but it wasn't at all - ignoring all of those signals made it tougher ... when I slowed down and started to feel and connect - I actually got so much stronger. “ Jennifer says, and she's on a mission to help women hear this wake up call and get stronger by slowing down and connecting with their body.

If you’ve ever felt too far gone, or too far past postpartum, too unmotivated, or too something, today's interview is a must-see. Jennifer is connecting the dots that every women needs to know when it comes to healing our bodies and being truly strong.

And you better believe that we covered the inner game too! Jennifer shared how her own healing crisis created a shift in her identity that allowed her to feel more whole & connected in all of her relationships - spoiler alert - slowing down was the key component. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, including:

  • 2:53 — The impact of killer / high cortisol workouts and what happened

  • 3:44 — The one thing she wants women to realize!

  • 4:12 — Why connecting with your body is the key

  • 4:54 — How Jennifer benefited from slowing down

  • 6:15 — How sensuality is the missing link

  • 6:50 — The societal script she had running that kept her pushing for so long

  • 10:58 — This new way of being & how her identity shift changed everything

  • 12:14 — How life is richer now & she can connect better in her relationships

  • 13:15 — How 'not good enough' showed up in her life & how she dismantled it

  • 15:30 — Going from disconnection to connection in her teaching + working out

  • 18:45 — How she challenges the status quo

  • 20:00 — The problem you should not ignore!

  • 22:00 — Her main message

Hit play now to watch, or listen.

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find Jennifer's work here:

Stronger Pelvic Floor - Private FB group

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find Ashley's work here:

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Turn Yourself On - Private FB group

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