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Playful = Powerful

Deep down we know that being playful = powerful. It's a place of:

- magnetism

- enjoyment

- whimsy

- pleasure

- resourcefulness

But how often to you actually feel playful in our modern society that places productivity, speed, and financial success over joy, play, and presence.

Often we are caught in the channel of seriousness - where we are rigid, over-tired, under-nourished, stretched too thin, trapped, stuck, fighting for more time ... the list goes on.

Activating playfulness can feel like a far-off wish - a state of being that may bubble up after a long weekend away at a spa by the ocean side. What if it was possible to access playfulness and activate this energy more often - what would be possible for you?

I believe there are two ways we can access play:

1 - First connect to your rage, anger, sadness, or insert whatever is present in your body/emotional space that is creating you to be stuck in the dominant channel of seriousness so to say. In my last blog I offer 3 ways to move this energy and create a rhythm to your days and weeks that allow for balance and movement through the ebbs and flows of life. In addition to slamming a pillow to the ground, as I mention in my linked blog post, I also practice Somatic Sounding to move these emotions. I will feel the energy shift and enter into a state of playfulness naturally.

2 - The other way - and this is not meant to bypass any anger or rage - is to create a container to step into play. First identify what feels fun and playful to you? What did you do a a young child? Maybe it's a selfie photo shoot you where you dress up in outrageous costumes, or body painting, singing, acro yoga, a trampoline park - who knows! Next create the container (i.e. a set amount of time) where you step into this playfulness. Sometimes this can be easier in community, where we have the connection of others to help deepen our experience.

I'd love to know how you will activate your playfulness this summer. Be sure to reference my last two blogs here and here for more support.

If you're ready to reinvent yourself where your primary state of being is more centered around playful, feminine, sensual energy - please apply here to work with me. We can work on Somatic Sounding and moving through the stuck emotions so that we can access play more easily!

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